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Recently, my bestie Jin and I met up for dinner, and decided to hit up what has now become one of my new favorite restaurants: 면사무소 in KSU. It's a little, hidden, modern style Asian fusion restaurant tucked away in a side alley near one of the side entrances to Pukyong National University. Unfortunately, I only took pictures of the food, but next time I go, I'll try to remember to take more pictures to upload, because there will be a next time. It's that good.

I ended up getting the 차수덮밥정식 which is cooked pork, and veggies with raw onions, wasabi, and mayo on a bed of rice. It also came with 3 sides: soup, pickled cabbage, salad, and homemade yogurt and granola. Everything was so yummy, I was so thankful that Jin found this place. She always finds the best places to eat.

Jin on the other hand opted for the 탄탄멘, cuz she's a noodle-head. She's always craving noodles, and I always wanna eat rice ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Hers was also really good, although there were less side dishes included.

The owner was also so sweet, and he said the store has been open for a few months now. I definitely am planning to go back sometime in the near future, because this month he'll introduce a new dish to the menu: avocado 덮밥 aka 명란아보카도덮밥정식~ 🥑🥑🥑🔥🔥 If you want to check it out, click the map below for the location on Naver Maps, or click the link below it. You can also check out their insta: myunsamooso.


After dinner, we headed to the mysterious, leafy cafe across the way, PLANTA COFFEE. I have a plant addiction, so if I see a lot of them somewhere, it's a good way to lure me inside. Little did we know, they had a solid menu, and the most adorable little cat, 깜봉이.

We quickly became obsessed with him, and excitedly played with him for a long time. He wasn't interested at first, but Jin was clever enough to ask the barista's about it, and one of them handed us a secret weapon: 깜봉이's favorite toy. The feather stick.

Eventually we calmed down and sat down at our table to enjoy our drinks and cheesecake. Those who know me know I hate regular cake, but that cheesecake is my biggest vice. It's my absolute favorite thing in the world, and I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty snobby about it. It's difficult for me to find cheesecake that I like in Busan, but to my surprise, in recent years it's been getting more popular here, which means there are more places for me to try my luck at.

PLANTA's cheesecake is not bad, it's pretty decent. It doesn't have a cakey, bread-like consistency, and it's somewhat smooth. It's not as rich, creamy, and cream-cheesy as I prefer, but I was satisfied. My affogato and her green tea latte were also good. Well done, guys.

The music was also really good. We had to check what two different songs were, because they were so good. The vibe was on point. 👌🏽👌🏽

If either of us were allergic to cats, it could have been a disaster. We didn't see any signage letting people know there is a cat inside. Overall, though, we loved the cafe. The drinks, dessert, atmosphere, and service were all great. Of course, they all pale in comparison to 깜봉이 😍🥰

If you want to find PLANTA COFFEE/플란타, click the map below (or just go to 면사무소 and go across the alley). For those of you not in Busan, feel free to stalk 깜봉이 on their Insta here: cafe.planta.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know in the comments which place you're more interested in, and why!~ 🖤

P.S.- Follow Jin's blog and check out her Insta! She scouts all the best places and is a legit blogger unlike me, bahahaha Her blog's in Korean, but that's what Google Chrome is for, amirite?

Jin's blog: here. Jin's Insta: here.



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