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Classroom Rules Wall Cards (with Korean, hehe)

As an ESL teacher in Korea, whether you speak Korean or not, it's important to try and maintain an English environment while the students are in class. At my most recent job, I have had difficulty with this as my students are quite young and don't understand a lot of classroom commands or rules in English yet. So my solution was to create these wall cards for my classroom!~

Just print out these wall cards, either laminate them or slip them in a clear binder sleeve, and hang them on the wall in your classroom for easy reference. For my kiddies, I laminated them and have hung them next to my whiteboard. That way, whenever a student breaks the rules, I can state the rule that was broken in English, and point to the card on the wall so they understand which rule was broken, without me cheating and scolding them in Korean. Eventually, I plan on replacing the bilingual cards with the English ones once they have them memorized. I should note that the Korean translations are not all exact, but are written in a way that is simple to understand in English, and familiar to the kids in Korean.

If you have any feedback to give, or there is another rule/edit you would like to see, please don't hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below! Both versions of the wall cards can be downloaded below in PDF format, for A4 paper. Enjoy~



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