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DOKO Cafe aka 도시 농가 코페

Yesterday, I was excited to meet Ellie, a best friend whom I simply don't see often enough. We had a delicious lunch at a restaurant in the 전포 area of 서면 called 오볼래398 (pics on my Instagram), and then we headed to DOKO, a cafe hidden away on one of the quieter streets of 서면. Both were recommendations from Ellie's coteacher, and we were both very impressed with each place.

Even when you enter, before reaching the main door, you can tell this cafe is one that sets itself apart from the rest. The entire time we were there, it felt like we were no longer in 서면.

The tree in the middle of the courtyard was fake, with hundreds of little white leaves and lights sprinkled throughout. At night, the tree is lit, bringing light and warmth to the area.

Just like the outside the inside was spacious, and not too noisy, two traits which I definitely value. It's a photo junkie's paradise, with so much for your eyes to drink in, and so many places to take beautiful pictures. As you can see from my post, I went a little overboard as well ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

As someone who loves to eat, especially sweets, I was impressed with their selection of freshly baked goods, and also their desserts. As someone who hates cake (I know, I'm weird), non-cake options are a must, so Ellie and I ordered the lemon berry mousse cake to go with our drinks. Their baked goods are also vegan, all without meat, egg, or milk, instead opting for vegan butter, soy milk, and cacao butter.

Ellie ordered the Danmi condensed milk latte, and I got the Yorkshire gold milk tea. We found a spot to sit on the second floor, and enjoy our after dinner treats. The second floor also has a no kids policy.

We were both very happy with what we ordered, and tried each other's drinks as well. Everything was divine. If you're in 서면, and you're looking for a cafe to enjoy unique and delicious coffee, drinks, baked goods, or desserts, 도코 aka City Farm House Cafe is a place you should visit.



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