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Lotte Dept. Store & 서면 Underground Shopping Excursion

So, I want to make more of an effort to share the buys I find when I go shopping here, partially for you guys and partially for me, so yea this is that. Let's face it, I have been taking the pictures for a long time, but I never do anything with them, so you guys will just have to be my victims.

I usually shop at either Korean branches of Western chain stores like H&M, and Forever21 when I go on the odd trip to Seoul, when I'm not ordering online. But the rest of the time I hit the small boutiques in shopping hubs like 남포 or 서면. I hardly ever go shopping in the department store as I don't usually want to spend the type of coin that they're asking for let alone find things I like. But the other day was an exception, as I had won the "Farthest Travelled" award at one of my nephew's 돌잔치 (1st birthday party), and yes that's a thing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Lucky for me, the prize was a ₩50,000 gift certificate to Lotte Department Store, so I had a good excuse to go.

I browsed around a few shops after work, and in the end settled on a really pretty jumpsuit with flowy sleeves and flowy pant legs. It was ₩99,000 total, but with the gift certificate I only paid ₩49,000.

Flowy jumpsuits and maxi dresses are a great way to look nice at work, but also stay cool if your spend a lot of time in rooms or hallways that aren't air conditioned at work.

My next purchase was a maxi dress, but I didn't buy it at Lotte. I got it in the 서면 Underground (Seomyeon Underground) shopping area. I found it at a random little shop for only ₩20,000원! I was so excited.

Lastly, on my way to the bus stop (I was really trying to leave and not spend more money, I swear!) I accidentally found myself in a shoe store in the underground and bought two pairs of shoes. One is a classy heeled wedge sandal, something which is very useful to wear to weddings or nicer events in the hot summer months. The second pair, I'll admit, were less practical...

...buuuut they're beautiful. The shoes were about ₩40,000 each. I did start to get blisters form from the sandal wedges tho... my punishment for spending money I guess ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Which item do you guys like best?



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