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Where Has She Been?

Anyone who is here reading this is probably someone I know in real life or someone who is a follower of my tumblr blog, and both sets of people know how awful I am at updating my blog and telling people what's going on in my life. With the construction and publishing of my new blog, I promised myself (mostly because I had to spend my coin $) that I would be a better blogger, and work harder to be consistent with my content and sharing the things I'd like to share. Before I start off on this trajectory, though, I thought it might be a good idea to give you an overview of where I have been, and what's been going on.

As most of you probably know, I arrived here in 2010, bright eyed and bushy tailed, as a new teacher in the EPIK Program. I stayed in the program for 7 years total, working for 2 years at one school, and then 5 more at another. Part of my goal for living in Korea was to learn, experience life abroad, and to save money while I figure out what my next step would be. The first two were quite easy, but the last two missions I was not very good at accomplishing. Each year I would go back and forth about whether or not I wanted to stay in South Korea, or even Busan, and eventually I would resign my contract, extending my time here for another year. Part of it was because I still didn't know what to do next, and another part of it was because I had learned how to teach ESL and was comfortable with my job and my lifestyle. Eventually, as awesome as my 2nd EPIK school and my coworkers were, I decided to make a change.

Not feeling completely ready to take the plunge into moving home after 7 years, my plan was to transition into teaching at a 학원 (or, an "academy") for a year. I was ready for a new experience after teaching virtually the same material, and having a pretty predictable work life for 7 years, and I figured if it was a bad experience it would help motivate me to go home. Thanks to one of my friends, I got a job in one, moved, and started my new academy teacher life.

I knew before the transition that it would be rough for me, because I fit very well with the public school system culture, but it was more of an adjustment than I expected. I had to change my teaching style in some ways, and learn to teach a wider range of students age wise. I had also stayed to accomplish some personal goals, one being putting more time into blogging and my 💀 Youtube channel, but those goals fell farther and farther away as I eventually just slept, worked, and spent money on quick meals out during the week. I was disappointed, but felt like there wasn't even much time to feel that disappointment. Another goal of mine was to spend time and make memories with all the loved ones I had accumulated here before I left, but that was another goal that I did not accomplish. I also spend a lot of money going under the knife for a minor surgery (don't worry, I'm fine!) and having my parents visit. Needless to say, as my "last" year in Korea drew to an end, I felt incomplete. I was finishing up the year with so much unfinished business (just like Casper, still love that movie ㅋㅋㅋ), and I couldn't even be excited to leave- I just felt a bunch of regret. So you can guess what happened next...I decided to stay oooooooooooooone more year. Yea, my mom was not amused ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 😂😂 Sorry, momma.

I decided to job hunt in Busan one more time, found one last gig, and became a kindergarten teacher. So now you guys are up to speed. So far I'm happy with my decision, and I am trying to push myself to be the blogger that you guys deserve before I head out. I hope you rock with me on this journey.



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