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helpful travel, work, daily life, and teaching links

Here are some links to other helpful sites and posts around the internet with more information about living in South Korea.  As time goes by, I'll keep adding more links and pages here for you guys.  If you like any of the content posted here, and it's an individual blog, make sure to show the creator some love~

Seoul, the bustling capital city

Look here for classifieds, events, discussions, and even items for sale.  This site has a very active community.

just livin life in SK.  라 라 라~

This site not only has job postings, but also a lot of teaching materials.  Unfortunately, it is now paid, though :(

a lot of cool places to visit in Sout Korea

Visit Korea

This is South Korea's official tourism website.  General information on tourist spots and events can be found here.

temple lanterns are always a sight to see~


This is the recruitment agency that I went through when I first came to SK!  I'm a little surprised it still exists, haha.

the kiddies make it all worthwhile

EPIK Program

The English Program In Korea is the public school ESL program,  where I spent my first 7 years here.

Korean cafe's: my favorite places to study

Easy to LEarn Korean

This is a site with simple Korean vocabulary and phrases (along with cute illustrations) grouped in topics.

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